Luxury Guard Boxes

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Product Overview

Designed for insurance and comfort, Luxury Guard brings the term hygiene to a higher standard. Our Transparent Mask rests on the chin and covers the mouth and nose, for larger faces we recommend the Luxury Guard XL. Our Transparent Mask is widely used in the food and service industry and as well as areas that require a clean sanitary environment.

Key Benefits

  • Stops saliva that carries more than 20,000 viruses
  • Boasts 99% anti-bacterial rate and reduces staphylococcus and escherichia coli that cause food poisoning
  • The transparent shield allows users to have transparent interaction with their customers and show their friendly smiles
  • The anti-fog coating that allows you to have clear interaction with customers all day long
  • Provide best customer service while protecting yourself and your customers from viruses.

Breathe Again, Live Again, Smile Again!

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