3 Reasons I Prefer a Shield Over a Medical Mask

1. I have a very strenuous and physically demanding job which, being as I'm required to wear a work branded fabric mask, suctions right up to my nose and mouth while talking and breathing. The little space there is between my face and the mask easily gets an build up of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). The re-breathing of this exhaled Carbon Dioxide makes me feel extremely light headed, dizzy, and short of breath. My remedy while I'm working? I wear Luxury Guard under my cloth mask!


2. Migraines, they are the worst right? Well, I have a history of migraines which can be triggered by a change in oxygen levels, stress, pain, and a myriad of other things. One thing I know is that my required, cotton work mask puts enough pressure behind my ears that not only do my ears ache at the end of 8 hours, it also triggers headaches and migraines. Luckily, I can wear the Luxury Guard for a prolonged period of time and have not one physical complaint from it's existence on my face :) .

3. Good ol' acne! My occasional period zit has been upgraded to full blown puberty face. My fabric mask traps all kinds of crap during my work day and keeping it clean has upped my already overwhelming laundry schedule. Luxury Guard shields can be easily wiped down and sanitized in seconds and the small plastic chin piece is the only thing that touches my face making it much easier to keep blemishes at bay! :)